Guest Seating

One of those all-important wedding planning tasks is finalizing your guest list and composing your reception. This is usually a painful proceess but not anynore!

Event Seating Arrangement.

With your guest list complete and wedding events finalised, it’s time to organise guests to their allocated seats!

Build to-scale seating plans with easy-to-use event seating chart software. EventDraw seating planner tracks guest lists + simplifies table & seat attendees.

Guest information can be easily added with the ability to group guests, keep notes, assign meal preferences and update RSVP’s. EventDraw guest list also allows you to track guests and run reports in real time. The guest list links directly to your seating which provides for a seamless seating arrangements process. Quickly create your guest list importing from: … Easy to place your guests. Just drag and drop to seat your guests!


Using EventDraw seating chart software, collaborate and organize all aspects of an event including guest list, floorplans, seating charts. No More Back & Forth With Clients on Seating


Full Cloud

Manage your attendee lists; include meal types (vegetarian, glutene etc), RSVP’s, and notes; and arrange seating via direct link from guest list to floor plan.


Quickly Create

Choose between local or secure cloud storage for your attendees’ information. Our event seating software even extends to other guests.


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Seamless guest list tools that help your guest management from RSVP to check-in. Flexibility to allocate people to seats.

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